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Strong R & D and Technical Capability of High Q Ceramic Capacitors
R & D and Engineering Capability
The R&D and engineering teams have extensive experience to quickly response to customized request. We are proud to have individually-owned core raw materials formula and technology to support the product design, R &D and testing, as well as stable manufacturing process. The company has an unique RF lab, by RF simulation and individual RF testing method to guaranteed product realization.
During the phase of R & D, the electromagnetic field simulation technology is introduced and the Coaxial Resonance Line is applied on the measurement of Q value of MLCC. An individual RF testing system is used to simulate the working conditions of MLCC, so as to ensure the technical performance and continuous improvement.

High Frequency/RF Technical Support
We have S parameter test fixtures, calibrated by TRL, to measure the S parameter of capacitors, by which S2P file would be initiated and available to customers.
34A Coaxial Resonance Line system is dedicated to measuring the ESR and Q value, which is the most effective method to monitor the performance in the industry.
RF power testing system is built up or the measurement of the temperature rise under the working power, and the breakdown voltage is also monitored.
Our core technical competence, we provide customized products and technical support as well.

Production Environment and Facilities
Standard 10K-class clean room and temperature control contribute to production process and quality stability. With advanced production facilities, Kete ensures the consistency of the output and product quality.

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