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China’s Current Microwave Sub-band Codes and Frequency Division Methods.
Date: 2021-09-27    View: 435
China’s Current Microwave Sub-band Code
Band Code Nominal Wavelength (cm) Frequency Wavelength (cm) Wavelength Range (cm)
L 22 1-2 30-15
S 10 2-4 15-7.5
C 5 4-8 7.5-3.75
X 3 8-12 3.75-2.5
Ku 2 12-18 2.5-1.67
K 1.25 18-27 1.67-1.11
Ka 0.8 27-40 1.11-0.75
U 0.6 40-60 0.75-0.5
V 0.4 60-80 0.5-0.375
W 0.3 80-100 0.375-0.3

China’s Frequency Division Method
Name Symbol Frequency Band Wavelength Propagation characteristics The main purpose
Very Low
VLF 3-30KHz Ultra long wave 1KKm-100Km Space wave dominated Coastal submarine
communication: long-distance
communication: ultra-long-distance navigation.
Low Frequency LF 30-300KHz Long wave 10Km-1Km Ground wave Transoceanic communication: medium-distance
communication:underground rock formation communication: long-distance navigation.
Medium Frequency MF 0.3-3KHz Mid-wave 1Km-100m Ground wave and sky wave Marine communications: amateur radio communications;
mobile communications: mid-range navigation.
High Frequency HF 3-30KHz shortwave 100m-10m Sky wave and ground wave Long-distance shortwave communication;
international fixed-point communication is very.
Very High Frequency VHF 30-300KHz Meepo 10m-1m Space wave Ionospheric scattering(30-60MHz);meteor trail communication;
artificial ionospheric communication(30-144MHz);
communication with space flying objects;
mobile communication.
Ultra High Frequency UHF 0.3-3GHz Decimeter wave 1m-0.1m Space wave Small-capacity microwave relay communication: (352-420MHz);
Tropospheric scatter communication: (700-10000MHz);
Medium-capacity microwave communication: (1700-2400MHz).
Super High Frequency SHF 3-30GHz Centimeter wave 10cm-1cm Space wave Large-capacity microwave relay communications: (3600-4200MHz);
large-capacity microwave relay communications: (5850-8500MHz);
digital communications: satellite
digital communications: international maritime satellite communications(1500-1600MHz).
Extremely High Frequency EHF 30-300GHz Millimeter wave 10mm-1mm Space wave Communication when entering the atmosphere;
waveguide communication.

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