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ZTE Completes First-stage Trial of SuperDSS for 5G Commercial Deployments in Thailand
Date: 2021-03-15    View: 226

ZTE Corporation has completed the first-stage field trial of its SuperDSS tri-RAT dynamic spectrum sharing solution in Thailand. The first-stage trial will pave the way for commercial deployments of SuperDSS in the country. ZTE ’s SuperDSS solution is a game changer. The former DSS (Dynamic Spectrum Sharing) solutions only supported dynamic sharing between 4G and 5G. However, the SuperDSS solution makes great progress to include 2G/3G as well. It implements 5G deployments while ensuring legacy 2G/3G networks can still operate. Thus, it can provide enhanced applicability and flexibility for operators who still have legacy services.

Today, with 5G commercial services rapidly spreading globally, mobile networks have become more and more complex than before, under the condition of the coexistence of 3G, 4G and 5G technologies. Currently, the majority of the mobile connections will still rely on 4G and 3G networks in the next four to five years.

For traffic requirements of 3G/4G/5G with 15 MHz, 2100 MHz spectrum in Thailand, ZTE ’s SuperDSS solution allows the operator to dynamically adjust the amount of spectrum available. It also takes advantage of AI to further optimize the implementation, significantly relaxing the requirements on human resources and time for network O&M. In the near future, NB-IoT will also be added into this solution.

The field trial in Thailand this time evaluates different aspects of ZTE’s SuperDSS solution in the existing network environment, including the upgrade performance from 3G/4G network to 3G/4G/5G network, NRuser performance under both NSA and SA modes, and LTE/NR user performance with different UMTS carrier configurations.

Once ZTE’s SuperDSS solution is activated, the UMTS, LTE and NR can schedule the resources flexibly, based on the actual traffic load. Not only are high-quality 5G services available, but traditional voice services and LTE functions, like carrier aggregation experiences, are also guaranteed with stable KPI. Moving forward, ZTE will work closely with operators to continuously optimize the solution, and will further enhance network operation efficiency in large-scale commercial deployments.

Click here to read the white paper on SuperDSS technology.

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